Farooq Hamid: Who was 10-15MPH quicker than Shoaib Akhtar

Farooq Hamid played only match in his international career against Australia in Melbourne in 1964.

Former national team fast bowler Farooq Hamid, one of the few rare diamonds rejected by cricket in Pakistan, said he quit cricket in 1969 at the age of 25 out of frustration over dirty politics.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Farooq Hamid, who played his only match in his international career against Australia, took the only wicket of EN Chappell in Melbourne in 1964.

“All my teammates know how my captains treated me and it’s the great batsman Hanif Mohammad and his brother Wazir Mohammad who made sure of that,” he told Dawn in an exclusive interview. That I will not be able to play international cricket again after the tour of Australia.

“On the tour of New Zealand, when I took seven wickets for just 16 runs in the match against Wellington, they were bowled out for just 53 runs in 10 overs, but everyone was surprised to play at the same place two days later,” he said. I was not made a part of the Pakistani team in the last match, nor was I made a part of the team in the other two Test matches played against New Zealand in this series.

“I was also a member of the Pakistan Eagles who toured England in 1963. I took five wickets in three overs but Captain Wazir Mohammad did not allow me to bowl again against Lancashire in Manchester,” he said. Secretary MCC Howard told my manager that Farooq was bowling one yard faster than Truman in the match today.

Disappointed and frustrated by this and other similar attitudes, he decided to quit cricket at a young age, he said.

Talking about his dangerous bouncer, he said that in the heyday of his cricket, his bouncer was very destructive and it was impossible for many excellent batsmen to play it, his bouncer in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match. Muhammad was hit in the face, which broke all four of his front teeth and left 10 stitches on his lips.

He revealed that while facing him in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final in 1969, Hanif Mohammad was bowled on the swing ball on the third ball, Sir Don Bradman, Zaheer Abbas, Imtiaz Ahmed and other international cricket personalities. She was considered the fastest bowler in the world at the time and even faster than Charlie Griffith of the West Indies.

He said that many front-line batsmen were afraid of his bouncer but former Test batsman Muhammad Ilyas was one of the few players who could face his bouncer due to better technique, when the Commonwealth in 1963 When the team toured Pakistan, they proved to be the best batsmen to hook against Griffith.

Farooq said that during the tour he knocked Rohan Kanhai to the ground with his bouncer, later commentators said that he bowled faster than Griffith, I think I am currently at 110-115 mph. Used to bowl

Farooq Hamid claims that he was 10-15MPH quicker than Shoaib Akhtar.

The former fast bowler said that even during the tour of Australia, Sir Don Bradman praised him as a fast bowler and praised him for his century in Adelaide.

When asked if his aggressive behavior is the reason for his short international career, he replied that every fast bowler should be aggressive, it is the job of team management to use fast bowlers carefully. ۔

“The same politics is still going on but it is our good fortune that all-rounder Imran Khan is our prime minister and we hope that cricket will improve under his shadow, even if he does not fix our cricket system,” he said. Only God can save our cricket.

Criticizing the decision to abolish departmental cricket, the former cricketer said that it would destroy Pakistan cricket and instead of abolishing it, the departments should have been directed to form U-19 and U-16 teams as they have professional style. I have a system to hone the skills of the players which LCCA and KCCAK do not have. Departmental cricket is the backbone of Pakistan cricket and it should be restored at all costs.

“The national team is currently performing at an average level in international cricket and we should not expect it to turn into a world class team soon. We do not have any fast bowlers,” he said. He is fast but of course he is an average bowler when it comes to quality.

Farooq’s sister Tahir Hamid also founded the Women’s Cricket Association in Pakistan in 1978 and was the first secretary of the association.