Afghanistan’s first women’s fitness club established

A fitness club has opened in Kandahar for the first time. (Photo: Reuters)

In the conservative country of Afghanistan, where women’s participation in sports is also considered flawed, a ‘fitness club’ for hijab-wearing women has been set up for the first time.

A fitness club has been set up in the capital of Afghanistan’s southern province of Kandahar, a former Taliban stronghold, where up to 50 women can exercise at a time, according to Reuters.

The Fitness Club in Kandahar was founded by Maryam Durrani, a 36-year-old social activist working for women’s rights, who also runs a special women’s radio station.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has been awarded the International Women of Courage Award by Maryam Durrani in 2012, while she also provides free legal services to women.

Regarding the opening of a ‘fitness club’ for women, Maryam Durrani said that men have expressed their anger over her decision while women are very happy with her decision.

He expressed concern over the anger expressed by men towards the ‘fitness club’ and said that most of the men believed that the fitness club was also a conspiracy of the West.

According to Maryam Durrani, many men have started mocking her, calling her opening a ‘fitness club’ against the Shariah, but she did not give up.

Just a few days after Maryam Durrani opened a fitness club, dozens of women registered to improve their physical health and come to the club with hijabs to work out.

Many women also expressed satisfaction with the opening of the fitness club — Photo: Reuters

Men are not allowed in the fitness club, while most women who come to work out are also veiled and prefer to come to the club in hijab and burqa and exercise.

The Women’s Fitness Club in Kandahar has been set up at a time when historic talks between the Taliban and the US government have begun in Qatar.

Representatives of several countries, including Afghanistan and the United States, are taking part in the historic talks between the Taliban and the United States, and for the first time, the Taliban leadership agreed to sit in front of the women involved in the talks.

The Afghan government’s negotiating team with the Taliban includes at least five female members who serve in front of the Taliban’s male negotiating team.

Many men have declared the fitness club against the Islamic morals – Photo: Reuters